100% of your donation goes to helping fund the rescue
of children suffering in slavery on Lake Volta

Thanks to the incredible support of hundreds of people around the world, the MIAFW: Ghana field project will be an ongoing campaign. You can still donate and put more children on a path to freedom. To date, 475 supporters have funded the freedom of 27 children. We look forward to your support in rescuing more children.


We met Ebenezer as he was fishing on Lake Volta. He was 5 hours into a grueling 17-hour workday. Over 1,000 children as young as five-years-old are sold and forced to fish on this lake each year. With our partner, Challenging Heights, we are breaking down the system of slavery in Ghana by aiding in the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of five of these kids. We believe freedom is contagious. If given the chance, these children can change the future of their entire communities.


A careful investigation is conducted in order to identify and rescue children off of fishing boats on Lake Volta.


Rescued children are taken to a rehabilitation center where they are given medical care and counseling in order to heal.


Reintegration consists of one year of schooling and ongoing business training and counseling for victims and their families.

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Ebenezer’s daily existence consists of minimal food, 17-hour-workdays, and torturous treatment. He is forced to swim deep underwater to unhook heavy, tangled nets. Several of his friends have never resurfaced. This may seem like a far-off reality, but the truth is, we are more connected to Ebenezer than we may think. Do you know who harvested the fish you eat? Slavery exists within the fishing industry all around the world. In fact, a quarter of all fish caught in Ghana end up in European markets.


There are an estimated 7,000 - 10,000 child slaves on the shores of Lake Volta.


Over 650,000 people work in Ghana’s fishing industry.


25% of fish harvested in Ghana end up in European markets.

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3 Promises We Make With Your Money


All donations go directly to one child’s journey to freedom.


We’ll update you on the progress of each child’s journey to freedom.


When you give, we’ll give YOU a little love in return.

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