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Justin is our CEO and founder. He helps us find new places to go and helps us get there. He was a professional songwriter/performing musician for most of his life, which means he liked to make things that have never been made before and share them with others. His favorite thing in the world is to see people taking the things he made and making them their own. So to Justin, being a songwriter/performer and a CEO requires pretty much the same muscle groups.

In 2008, Justin made his directorial debut in the film, "CALL+RESPONSE," which revealed the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. The "rockumentary" was one of the top documentaries of the year and combined commentary by social luminaries, such as Cornell West and Nicholas Kristoff with musical performances by artists such as Moby, Natasha Bedingfield, and Matisyahu. The film has been seen by over 400,000 people in public venues and has raised over $250,000 for front-line groups helping to free slaves and rehabilitate victims.

In 2011, Justin founded the non-profit organization Slavery Footprint. Partnering with the U.S. State Department, they launched, a multiple-award-winning website that asks the question, "How Many Slaves Work For You?" The website, and associated mobile app, allows consumers to visualize how their consumption habits are connected to modern-day slavery and provides them with an opportunity to have a conversation with the companies that manufacture the goods they purchase.

In December 2011, Slavery Footprint was the recipient of a first-of-its-kind grant by, which funded the creation of a $1.8 million unified initiative to implement aggressive, metrics-oriented programs to fight modern-day slavery in the United States and abroad. On the back of the great success of Slavery Footprint, Justin went on to found Made In A Free World and serves today as its CEO.

Justin has appeared on and been covered by CNN, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, MSNBC, New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Ad Week, CBS, Fox, NPR, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Fast Company and others. He has spoken at the White House, UN, Clinton Global Initiative, Global Philanthropy Forum, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and many other venues. He has also served on advisory groups for the UN, State Department, and White House.