If you think about it, you’re in a relationship with everyone you buy from. You give them money and they give you something you want (psst... this relationship is called the “marketplace”). You don’t want the products you love to have slave labor in them, do you? Companies don’t either, but are they actually looking for it?

Made In A Free World believes the marketplace has the power to protect freedom. That’s why we built FRDM®. It’s a tool that helps businesses look for and protect against forced labor worldwide. It’s brand new. It’s revolutionary. And we believe it will help build a FREE WORLD. In order for it work, we need consumers to demand it. That’s that whole relationship thing. So tell companies that if they want to keep going steady, they need to try FRDM®.



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The best way to support freedom in supply chains is to shop from Made In A Free World companies!

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Join the Business Network that is Protecting Against Slavery in our Everyday Products!

As a supporter of your business, I wanted to let you know that I recently became aware of an issue that affects us both: modern slavery.

Here are the facts:

- 30 million people are enslaved today, held against their will for someone else’s profit.

- ⅔ of victims are exploited in economic industries—agriculture, mining, fishing, construction, and more.

- Forced labor typically occurs deep in a supply chain where companies do not have access to good information about labor conditions.

And here’s why I’m requesting that you join Made In A Free World:

- To date, 24 million consumers have learned their Slavery Footprint and are calling on businesses to do the same!

- Supply chain slavery has become a priority for consumers like me who want to buy from companies that share my values for freedom.1

I know that supply chain transparency is a challenge for any business. That’s why Made In A Free World helps their members with:

1. The language and implementation of a zero-tolerance policy against slavery

2. A private and confidential dashboard on their FRDM® platform, the world’s first slavery risk software.

3. (Optional) Publicly identifying as a member of the Made In A Free World Community that is working to end slavery.

Joining Made In A Free World would be good for your business, and gives me confidence as a consumer that I’m not buying products with materials sourced with slave labor.

My request is simple. Request a Demo from Made In A Free World to see how their FRDM® software can help you protect workers at every level of your supply chain.

Thank you in advance for becoming a Leader of the Free World!

In gratitude,

P.S. You can watch a 2-minute video about the first business founders of the Made In A Free World Community here.

You’re Awesome!


Woohoo! Thank you for using FRDM® to protect your amazing products from slavery. Our relationship is so much better knowing that you value the freedom of all workers in your supply chain.

As a conscious consumer, I want my purchases to support businesses like yours that believe slavery has no place in the 21st century. It’s now my responsibility to buy your products and spread the word about your brand’s commitment to freedom! It gives me hope that there is growing consumer demand for ethical businesses in every industry.1

Your company’s purchasing power may only represent a fraction of the global marketplace, but when it is leveraged with the entire Made In A Free World network, we will tip the world towards Freedom!

It’s business leaders like you who will put slavery in the history books—once and for all!

As your customer, I am 100% with you on this FRDM® journey!

In Solidarity,

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