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We don't believe this is someone else's problem. We built Slavery Footprint to help understand how slavery touches our lives and connect concerned citizens. Then we built campaigns and tools to communicate this collective ambition to end slavery with our favorite companies.

There is no "them" in our movement, there is only "us." Our footprints, advocacy, and campaigns are building a global movement to support companies who are trying to create a world where every product, and every person, is Made In A Free World.



We develop field programs around the world designed to lift people out of slavery.

These programs are efficient, sustainable, and measurable. Once out of danger, we ensure that survivors have the necessary support to begin a life of freedom.



Supply chains aren't as simple as they used to be. Today they wrap around the globe and are harder than ever to manage. Despite these challenges, they're also the key to ending the multibillion-dollar black market of forced economic exploitation.

We're helping businesses understand the risk of forced labor in their supply chains and giving them clear steps to support freedom for all. The most powerful moment in a purchase is when a buyer chooses a supplier. It's at this point that supply chains have the power to become values chains.

We are empowering companies to engage with their suppliers all the way down to raw materials. Over time, we believe that a network of aligned buyers and suppliers will systemically disrupt illicit markets that use slave labor deep in supply chains. Businesses have the potential to become the new leaders of a free world.