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Anyone can make a difference. Lets do it T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R

I just realized that. Help me raise awareness, and make this world a better place. I believe in equality. Lets work together. Please help in our donation goal of $2500 within the time limit of 60 days. Today is the day. The day that you can make a difference. Protecting freedom and ending slavery are huge passions of mine. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in helping kids trapped inside the mining industry in other countries. These kids have no one to plead their case. There is no one to give them a voice. We have voices. Lets project it, and let others hear it. We are free. We have 3 warm meals to eat a day, a family that cares for us, and education, and roof over us everyday. Lets help others achieve that goal too.
Save a few dollars from buying a video game. Its not a nessecity. Please. Help these people.

-Kathleen Han
15 Years old


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Made In A Free World is an anti-slavery organization based in Oakland, California. We have been recognized as a visionary leader for our work including the “rockumentary” film, CALL+RESPONSE, and the multiple-award-winning website, Slavery Footprint. We shed light on the issue of modern-day slavery and have engaged over 1.7 million people to date. We leverage this visibility to create opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved in the fight for freedom. Through innovative awareness campaigns, field projects, consumer engagement tools, and business solutions, we are disrupting the system of slavery.

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