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Isabella 's fundraiser is now closed. This community raised $1,417.00 for MIAFW:India

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Help me free girls my age and younger that are enslaved in India.

Most people use makeup, you may even use it. Mica makes makeup sparkly, mica is mined by girls that are my age and even younger. These girls are slaves. Slavery is wrong- I'm completely and totally against it. We need to join together to end it. As William Wilberforce said, "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know." These girls are forced to work in mica mines, just so we can have makeup. Let's join together to end slavery.


Name Amount Donated Date
Dale and Kathleen Griepp $ 200.00 12/02/2014
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Meyer $ 500.00 11/26/2014
Maryellen Mullin $ 20.00 11/25/2014
Megan Olsen $ 50.00 11/25/2014
Damon Slye $ 50.00 11/25/2014
Isabelle Finney $ 25.00 11/25/2014
Anonymous $ 100.00 11/25/2014
Marisa Belloy $ 1.00 11/25/2014
Susan Tamagni $ 50.00 11/15/2014
Daniel Cooper $ 200.00 11/15/2014
Peb and Sharob Jackson $ 100.00 11/14/2014
Karen Silliman $ 25.00 11/07/2014
Krista Keegan $ 20.00 10/13/2014
Sara Morimoto Swain $ 25.00 10/13/2014
Anonymous $ 1.00 10/13/2014
Isabella Griepp $ 50.00 10/12/2014


Made In A Free World is an anti-slavery organization based in Oakland, California. We have been recognized as a visionary leader for our work including the “rockumentary” film, CALL+RESPONSE, and the multiple-award-winning website, Slavery Footprint. We shed light on the issue of modern-day slavery and have engaged over 1.7 million people to date. We leverage this visibility to create opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved in the fight for freedom. Through innovative awareness campaigns, field projects, consumer engagement tools, and business solutions, we are disrupting the system of slavery.

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