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Kyle's India Fundraiser



Kyle's fundraiser is now closed. This community raised $500.00 for MIAFW:India

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Help me create Safe Villages that send children to schools instead of mines in India.

I'm working on a campaign to end slavery in the cosmetics industry and I need your help. Few people know that a mineral called mica is what gives makeup its eye-catching sparkle and shine. But what we can't ignore is that mica is often mined using child labor.

In Jharkhand, India, home to the world’s largest mica reserve, children as young as 3 years old are forced to scrape the mineral from dangerous and illegal mines. Mica is one of the most common materials in cosmetics, and 4 out of 5 women wear makeup in the US—it’s big business, but our glamor shouldn’t be supplied by a child’s sweat.

If we invest in Safe Villages, there is hope. Made in a Free World is launching an ambitious campaign to fund 5 Safe Villages and protect 1,000 children from slavery in Jharkhand, India. In these villages, we will identify and free child laborers, ensure that they have access to and stay enrolled in schools, and work with community leaders to promote a culture of universal child rights. If we begin with these 5 villages, we will create the momentum we need to end the illicit mining of mica by children in Jharkhand, once and for all.

Please join me and make a tax-deductible donation. A few dollars can be the difference between a life of education and hope or grueling labor and modern-day slavery.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Name Amount Donated Date
Kwang Han $ 50.00 05/07/2014
Kyle Buetzow $ 25.00 05/06/2014
Jonathan McKenna $ 25.00 05/05/2014
Marisa de Belloy $ 5.00 05/05/2014
Marlon & Maggie $ 100.00 05/02/2014
Anonymous $ 25.00 04/30/2014
Marlon Krieger $ 25.00 04/29/2014
James Kettunen $ 100.00 04/24/2014
Terry Humphrey $ 100.00 04/23/2014
Joanna Trimble $ 10.00 04/23/2014
Benjamin Hafner $ 5.00 04/23/2014
Kyle Buetzow $ 25.00 04/23/2014
Anonymous $ 5.00 04/22/2014


Made In A Free World is an anti-slavery organization based in Oakland, California. We have been recognized as a visionary leader for our work including the “rockumentary” film, CALL+RESPONSE, and the multiple-award-winning website, Slavery Footprint. We shed light on the issue of modern-day slavery and have engaged over 1.7 million people to date. We leverage this visibility to create opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved in the fight for freedom. Through innovative awareness campaigns, field projects, consumer engagement tools, and business solutions, we are disrupting the system of slavery.

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